Each weekend I have my son leads off with a swelling of anticipation followed by the inevitable thrill of us being together and home, running around like children with shreaks of excitement (yes I shreak too). It’s fun getting down to his level and playing with him. And of course, you still have the role of responsible parent to bare. But amidst all of the enjoyment and fun, there is that period over the weekend where our time together becomes more common place (as I would imagine it would for normal families who have established routines). And when I should be spending time with my son, I find I have become obsessed or compelled to complete some insignificant task that steals me away from my son’s attention. And to some degree, I imagine we’ve all been there. But on these occassions, I’m just glad that I have my girlfriend to help remind me, and to tear me away from my compulsions so I can spend that much needed time with my son. This may seem obvious, but be aware of your child’s need to bond with their parent and fulfillĀ their craving for that attention. Don’t allow some task, unimportant to your child’s development, prevent you from giving them the love they need.