So, we went to see a friend of ours who just had her baby, not but two weeks ago.  The baby had some difficulty at first, and had to stay in the hospital for almost a whole week, as did the mother!  This does scare me a bit, as I wonder, will I have the same issues?  Will I have to stay in the hospital all week?  I only have a week off from work, so that would consume my entire work leave, or maternity leave, if i have to say there for that long as well.  To me, it sounds funny when I say maternity, being a guy and all.  Guy maternity leave?  Male maternity leave?  I do not know why that sounds odd to me, but it does nonetheless… so, my friends birth situation did place a lil’ bit of worry in my current thougths.  But, in the end, the baby and mother came home, and are doing wonderfully.  As a matter of fact, I do not think that they could be doing any better than they are.  That is reassuring!  It is reassuring in the sense that they went through a lot, and still everything turned out great!  When the time comes for my lilttle one to be born, I am going to put my trust into the educated medical staff and doctors’ hands.  And if something is off or worng, I will be thinking back to this friend of ours, and know that everything turned okay for her, which will be reassuring for me. 

Weigh in….