Patiently Waiting…. all that we do lately is wait… wait for the inevitable. We are stuck in this standoff of waiting for our first child to be born. His “official” due date is September 4th. This is only ten days away now. A lousy ten days! I know that this is life changing, and the minute that he is born nothing will ever be the same, but I just cannot wait. It seems as though we have been waiting forever now. The doctors have cleared him, as much as they can at this point, of being right on track and healthy. So, he is ready, it’s just a matter of getting him out now!

I went to the grocery store the other day, which is like all weird now. Grocery stores have never seemed strange to me in the past, but they do now. This is because every time I look at an item with a “this product is good til…” date, its now always past his due date. For example, we bought a simple one gallon sweet tea, and the date that it was “good” til was like September 19. Well, HE’LL BE HERE BY THEN! This is what I think, every time now. A gallon of sweet tea, a package of American cheese, a box of cereal, and much more, all good or consider fresh until dates that are past his due date. It is funny to me; I buy this package of cheese, and it will still be here after we bring this precious boy into the world! Well, like I said that the beginning, patiently waiting….

Weigh in….