Well, this is a quick lil’ blog, but wanted to let you all know that it should be any day now. We went to the doctor’s today, and she is almost 4 cm dilated and 80 percent thru the mucus membrane stuff…. Whatever that film is called, hahaha! Time to get my bag packed and ready! I’m planning on bringing some clothes, my ds, a portable dvd player, and some toiletries. I am bringing the lil’ gadgets and games, as the first labor, I’m told, could be long, and she wants some movies to watch to take her mind off of things…. I think that’s about it for now… if it happens sooner than later, I will keep my partner in crime John updated, and he’ll update or post on the page for me of the latest and greatest happenings, as I may not be able to a computer…. I hope that I have thought of everything…. Geez, is it time to panic yet?

Weigh in….