Like a lot of things – dogs greeting you at the door, for instance, or finding money in your wallet that you didn’t expect to be there, or hanging out with family and friends — the idea of having a baby, is a totally wonderful idea! Initially, it sounds like a fabulous idea, but once you start to truly think about it, and you allow your brain to think about it rationally, you come to realize that it is a life changing idea. It is honestly scary!

I know that I am not the only person ever to think that it’s life changing, or scary, but now that I am in the position, as I am excitedly awaiting the birth of my first child, I can actually be that scared person. Honestly, I cannot expect to think that I know or understand all of the changes that I am going to need to make.

I am going through the motions, having completed the “daddy’s guide to child birth preparation”, if there really is one. I have gone to most of the doctor’s appointments, as I am trying diligently to make them all. I have started to “baby proof” the house, placing those clear plastic things in the electrical plugs even though I know that I don’t need them initially. I have rearranged the house, and that’s a whole other story, but in short, it required me to combine my office and guest room into one. This allowed me to free up a room to use as the nursery.

I spent countless hours designing and implementing my idea of the perfect baby nursery, which included cute teddy bears in sports outfits, paint, border, and even some scrap booking decals to hang on the walls. And not to mention, that you must have a PHD to figure out and put together the baby crib, travel system, car seat, and changing table! I am exaggerating a lil’ bit, but in the end, it was a lot of work, and the baby boy isn’t even here yet!

All in all, I am super excited about bringing a baby boy into this world, and I have a wonderfully supportive family and numerous friends to call upon if need be. I cannot wait until the birth of my first son, which is expected in about 22 days now….

Weigh in….