Colby’s Story Part 1

I’d like to start the by telling you our entire story in the next few blogs! Our son, Colby, was due on Sept 4th, 2009. We’d had been going to the doctors, first monthly, then every two weeks, and finally weekly towards the end of the pregnancy. Sept 4th was a Friday, and we had an appointment on Tues Sept 1 of that same week. Upon arriving at the doctor’s office on Tuesday, the doctor informed us that my wife was now dilated to 6 cm. We were very happy about that, because about 4 days before, she was dilated at 4 cm. The doctor went to grab another doctor in the firm and they both came back into the office and talked to us about our options. The second doctor, who was wonderful, advised us that she was on shift at the hospital after her day shift until 8 am, and that we can and probably should come in tomorrow, Wednesday Sept 2nd, and start the birthing process, and be induced at 6am. She said that we certainly did not have too, but it would be a good idea, for several reasons, including predictability, and setting arrangements. The doctor felt that my wife was far enough along to get this done.

We proceed to leave the office, and chat about it, both knowing all along that we’d mostly had made up our minds and that we’d be heading to the hospital in the morning. We did call our mom’s and tell them of what our options were, and they were okay with either decision that we would make. We decide after calling them, that it was definite, we were going to have a baby on that next day! We came home, and got our affairs in order, making arrangements with work, making sure the car and bags were ready, and then trying to get some sleep. We slept from about 12am until about 4:15am. We knew that we had to get to the hospital at 6am. So, we got up early, and made our way out the door, at 5:20am.

We get to the hospital about 5:45am, park in the garage, and make our way to the front desk. We explain that we have a doctor, on call that is ready to induce. The whole thing was not officially scheduled thru the hospital, so we had to make our way around to get this done. First, the front desk sent us to labor and delivery, 2nd floor at Winner Palmer hospital. They of course proceeded to tell us that we were in the wrong place, and that we needed to be at triage, on the first floor. We get to triage, and needed to go again, through the story, and they were able to finally get in touch with the doctor, whom confirmed that we were there rightfully.

Triage admitted us, and we started our official journey in a first floor, triage hospital room. There were two nurses attaining to us, who were more like a duo comedy team. There names were barb and Sharon, coincidently, our mother’s names are Barbara and Sharon. We remained there, as they checked vitals, til about 7am. Our doctor came down, and we were able to see her for a few minutes, as she filled out paperwork and all. From there we were then moved to labor and delivery, 2nd floor, which we had been to initially upon arriving, but were sent to triage. That is where we spent most of Wednesday Sept 2nd, 2009.

To Be Continued…