Colby’s Story Part 2

So, like I have previous mentioned, Colby’s story is broken up into a few parts. This is due to a few reasons. First, as I was writing the first part, I had to conclude the story early and temporary because I had to attend to him. And second, I did like that the story was broken up, fearing that the readers might not enjoy a huge massive story in one single post, but rather a few blogs like the site is intended for.

Okay, on to part 2 of Colby’s story. When I left off, we were on the second floor in the labor and delivery department of Winner Palmer hospital. When arriving, we were placed in a single room, all to ourselves. This room was great, as my wife Shellie had a nice bed with all these cool gadgets to make the move in all sorts of directions, with a remote for the television with cable t.v. and a phone. I had a great recliner and we had a private bathroom. Then, we met our primary nurse, Lya (pronounced Leah), which little did we know at the time, that she would prove to be a key part of our journey!

As we were getting settled in, we received our calls from our parents, my wife mom and my mother and father were arriving at the hospital. I would be guessing actually, but I’m going to go with about 10 am, my estimation for the time that they would arrive. They arrived, at the same time, my parents arriving about 2 minutes prior, but as they were receiving their id stickers, Shellie’s mom came thru the waterfall entrance at Winner Palmer. We then proceeded to get her mom all checked in as well, and then made our way to “the room”…

We were only allowed to have three people in the room at a time, as announced to us from the reception lady at the counter. As the parents were anxiously and excitedly wanting to see Shellie, I sent them in, as I would have been the fourth. I made my way downstairs to wait in the lobby, and then went to get some things from our car, essentially our bags. I decided, not wanting to hold the bags for very long, I would go back up, and see if I could just simply drop them off in the room. When going up, I am met again with the reception lady. With short brownish/black hair somewhat spiked, she smiled and put on a happy face, even though I could sense that she was already annoyed with me. She advised me that I could not being the fourth, but she would keep the bags behind the counter for us, acting like she is doing me a favor. This was really not a problem, as I completely understood the hospital policy. I placed them there, but as soon as this was taking place, the parents came back out. I asked them why they were back so soon; they advised me that they were not allowed in, because the doctors were placing the epidural in my wife’s back, to get it ready for her. I was super excited that something was happening, so I quickly went to back to the room not wanting to miss any part of the action, (passing by the reception lady, with a lil’ smirk on my face), knowing that I would be allowed in there, even though the parents were not.

When I arrived at the room, the anesthesiologist was just finishing up. My wife was sitting upright with the doctor behind her, and I could see the line going up, and into her back. They started to tape it in place. The pain medicine was not pumping yet, but when the time comes for it, she is ready to go! I chatted with her for a few moments, and explained to her that the parents were here, and wanted to see her, so I went back downstairs, and sent them up to see her! They visited her for a while, while I waited. Then they were sent out of the room again, and back downs. I saw them coming, and they said that the doctors came in to break her water! I quickly again, ran up there! This time, I arrived just after, and the water was broken, and the process of birth has officially begun!

To be continued, again….