Well, for all of my fantastic families out there, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, I have a baby swing dilemma I’d like to discuss… Upon learning the news, that we were expecting, I like I am sure many others, went out and bought a plethora of baby items and equipment. The items, from swings, to bouncy seats, to almost everything listed on the standard guide of baby items needed, we bought it! Our first swing, was a larger type of device, and looked wonderful. But this swing was not conducive to newborns, as we soon found out. The problem you ask? Well, since he was so small, he could not hold his head up just yet, allowing it to fall forward, and we deemed it problematic. It just looked funny, and we didn’t want him to hurt himself. It will be good, once he gets a little bit older. Next, we borrowed another swing, fisher price, and it looked great in its packaging. It was a swing, and a glider, how exciting! But again, it too allowed his head to swing forward, looking quite uncomfortable, and we didn’t like his head flying forward like this. Nonetheless, we were just about done with the whole swing concept, when we came across a smaller version, travel-like type of swing. Fearing that it would be the same as the others, we were hesitant. But, this time we were able to see one put together at Babies’ R Us, and we could see in person, that this is what we needed. The swing, made by a company called Boppy, laid back just enough that his head would not go too far forward. It is compact, easy to put together, and we definitely are at ease now with the swing concept. Finally! Weigh in….