Changes as Colby is getting older!

Colby is now approximately nine weeks old. At times, it seems like just yesterday that we were at the hospital expecting his arrival, and eventually having him in our arms. And other times, it seems like he has been here forever! It’s a weird adjustment between the two. In one aspect, we have things totally under control, knowing exactly what to do, and have everything in order for him, and all is going perfectly. On the other aspect, we are limited in the things that we can do. For example, we are no longer able to just jump in the car and go somewhere. But, then again, if we are able to make preparations, we can still do things. It’s an interesting feeling. And more changes are coming.

Colby’s mom, Shellie, is just about three short weeks away from going back to work. Things are definitely going to be changing as Colby is getting older! He’ll be going to the homes of his two grandmothers while we’re both at work. This becomes more interesting as he’s in such a developmental stage and we don’t want to miss anything. He’ll also be transitioning more from breast milk to bottled baby formula. We are glad and very pleased that we’re able to leave Colby with his grandmothers. But at the same time, we know that we will be missing out on things as he continues to develop and get older. While my wife has been able to stay with him for her 12 weeks of maternity leave, she has essentially been able to be with him all the time. The exception being a few times in which we were able to leave him with the grandmothers, and the few times I was on Colby duty so that she could go out to do things. It will likely be a bigger change for my wife, than for myself. But I can still relate, as I had to go back to work after my five days off, and I knew at that moment, I wanted to stay home with him too. There are many changes that are going to be taking place here in the next few weeks, and as Colby continues to develop and get older.