Colby’s First night away….

It was drizzling… the damp night was dark, only lit by the likes of our moon, and the dim street lights, which fought there way to shine through the light drizzle.  What lies for Colby’s parents, on this eve of the New Year?  Well, a party of course!  On this evening before the first day of two thousand and ten (2010), Colby’s parents have made plans to go to a party.  A party that was about a forty-five minute drive away, no less, at his daddy’s sister’s house.  Colby’s parents were very confused on how to make arrangements for this certain evening.  His parents knew that they wanted to go to this party, but they also knew that they now have a precious lil’ baby boy to consider in their event planning. 

Colby’s parents had very mixed feelings about this particular evening.  If they were to go, which they wanted to do, it most likely would be planned with Colby needing to stay the night at one of the grandparents home.  It would stand to reason, that if Colby’s parents went out and got home late, let’s say about 3ish in the morning and Colby needed to get up and eat about 5:45ish in the morning, then Colby’s parents would get no sleep.  But, Colby has never been away from mommy and daddy.

Well, this is what we were contemplating.  We definitely wanted to go out, but we knew that it was not good for any person involved, if we didn’t get the sleep that we needed, especially after being up late at a party.  So, we concluded that Colby needed to stay the night away from home.  It was not easy on me, though.  I was glad that we made this decision, but at the same time, I was sad that he was not home with us.  It was like, something was missing when I arrived home.  And that was Colby! 

In the end, we had a great time at my sister’s New Year’s Eve party, and everyone had a great time.  I enjoyed myself very much, but I did miss the lil’ guy!!!  It was a relief though, knowing that he was safe and sound at one of his grandparents’ home, being taken good care of.  It is also a relief that we were told that Colby was a very good boy, and slept very good too!

It is just a whole new ball game, to plan an evening out.  It will be like this every time now, and I realize this.  With Colby maturing and developing, I know that I will not want to miss anything, which makes leaving him, (even though I know that he is completely well taken care of), extremely hard.