In 2009, during one of many hot and humid Florida summers, two budding fathers and life-long friends began to chat about their individual experiences of each starting their own family.  John, a Software Engineer, was embarking down a new road at that time as a single parent.  Scott and his wife, both teachers, were expecting a baby.  Amidst the summer heat and afternoon rain, their helpful exchanges of triumphs and trials provided moments of inspiration and insight to one another.  Realizing what they had gained from reflecting on those experiences, they decided that sharing those thoughts with others may provide similar benefits for people who could relate.  And so these two dads formed Daddy Thoughts.

Follow Scott and John, two dads who work fulltime, devote everything else to their family, and still make an effort to blog about it.   Each week they’ll share some of their experiences and provide a father’s perspective on child-raising.  Track their journey on Twitter and Facebook.  Partake in their victories and learn from their mistakes. They’re two dads giving thoughts on raising a family, and dishing out life lessons.