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Colby’s First X-Mas
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Colby’s First X-Mas!

Colby has another milestone coming up! It will be his very first Christmas, and I can not be more excited!  I want to buy him everything and get him all he could ever need and want, and he is only going to be about 4 months old!  Ha!  Now, I do realize that he is so very young, and he will not remember this event, only in pictures and such.  But, I do believe in my heart, that I am starting a foundation or the idea of Christmas in my eyes, and how I would like it to be.  I believe that I am instilling or starting the culture, values, and traditions of years to come. 

It begins by putting up the decorations around Thanksgiving time, which include decorating the front yard with several decorations, lights, and putting up the tree.  Then it’s on to watching the Christmas events on television, such as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, reading Christmas Stories, tuning into Christmas shows and watching Christmas movies that continue throughout the month of December.  These include, but are not limited to:  Santa Claus is coming to town, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Charlie Brown’s Christmas, and several more! 

Next is the annual Christmas Party with my wife’s family usually about a week or so before Christmas day.  After that, it’s the start of Christmas break, where both my wife and I have two weeks off for the winter holidays each year.  At some point during this month, I’d also like to start the tradition of driving around the town, looking at Christmas decorations and lights with Colby.  (This will most likely begin next Christmas, as he is still in an infant car seat and not able to really see the lights.) 

Next is the annual Christmas Eve party at my parents’ home with my entire family.  (And of course, there is usually this little movie on called “A Christmas Story”, perhaps you’ve heard of it? And it plays for 24 hours straight from Christmas Eve, through Christmas day, and I find myself compelled to watch it at some point during this time.)  And finally, comes Christmas day!  Yay!  In the past, I would open gifts at my house, with just my wife and I, which seemed to pass quickly, and then it was off to both of our parents’ homes where we would spend some of our day.  This has been the ritual or routine for the past several years. 

But, as I have been thinking about it, and remembering how fun it was for me to just open gifts as a child from Santa and be able to stay at my home and play with them all day, I realize that this is something that I am also going to want for Colby.  I believe that probably starting next year, we will have to figure out a way to corporate all of these things into our day, but not race out of my home so fast, as I’m going to want Colby to be able to stay and enjoy Christmas at my home for the mornings.  I believe that we are going to have to start by spending our day here, for more time than I would in the past, and either have the parents (Colby’s grandparents) come our way if possible, or go and visit them later in the day.  This is something that I treasured as a child as my parents were able to give this to me, these wonderful Christmas mornings and days of playing with my toys from Santa.  And I want very much to be able to give this time to my son Colby as well. colby 834a

And of course, starting the tradition of having fun with Colby taking silly pictures! haha…

Colby: Officially 3 Months!
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Colby:  Officially 3 Months!

Colby has now reached a milestone…  three months of life! Yes, today marks his official three month birthday!  Today, being December 2nd, and him being born on September 2nd, 2009.  What a wonderful feeling.  We, his mother and I, have survived the first three months of his life, and I can proudly suggest that we have done a great job thus far.  He is a healthy, full of life, baby boy! 

He is looking older more and more each and every day.  From the moment he was born, to the day that we brought him home, and now—3 months later. He has developed and even changed, from his growth to his physically appearance.  He was lucky, as he has still not lost his hair.  I have heard that babies can sometimes loose their hair after birth.  This kid of mine seems to have gained more, and probably will soon pass me in the hair length department.  His eyes are really starting to come along, taking a genuine gorgeous blue color, well, gorgeous in my opinion that is.  In the beginning, his eyes were light and blue-ish, but they really are taking on the blue color now.    

With every milestone, I am learning that it excites me to no end.  Like when he started to learn to smile.  Now, he regularly smiles, and when he does, it is the best part of my day!  I love when he smiles at me.  He is now starting to learn to laugh, or giggle.  He has grown so much from the beginning, and I am quickly learning how fast time is flying.  While these three months have been challenging, they also are becoming the best three months of my life, thanks to his life!  Thank you Colby, for lighting up my days!


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Changes as Colby is getting older!
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Changes as Colby is getting older!

Colby is now approximately nine weeks old. At times, it seems like just yesterday that we were at the hospital expecting his arrival, and eventually having him in our arms. And other times, it seems like he has been here forever! It’s a weird adjustment between the two. In one aspect, we have things totally under control, knowing exactly what to do, and have everything in order for him, and all is going perfectly. On the other aspect, we are limited in the things that we can do. For example, we are no longer able to just jump in the car and go somewhere. But, then again, if we are able to make preparations, we can still do things. It’s an interesting feeling. And more changes are coming.

Colby’s mom, Shellie, is just about three short weeks away from going back to work. Things are definitely going to be changing as Colby is getting older! He’ll be going to the homes of his two grandmothers while we’re both at work. This becomes more interesting as he’s in such a developmental stage and we don’t want to miss anything. He’ll also be transitioning more from breast milk to bottled baby formula. We are glad and very pleased that we’re able to leave Colby with his grandmothers. But at the same time, we know that we will be missing out on things as he continues to develop and get older. While my wife has been able to stay with him for her 12 weeks of maternity leave, she has essentially been able to be with him all the time. The exception being a few times in which we were able to leave him with the grandmothers, and the few times I was on Colby duty so that she could go out to do things. It will likely be a bigger change for my wife, than for myself. But I can still relate, as I had to go back to work after my five days off, and I knew at that moment, I wanted to stay home with him too. There are many changes that are going to be taking place here in the next few weeks, and as Colby continues to develop and get older.

Fifty Words – A Few Too Many
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Fifty words - a few too many

Fifty words - a few too many

As some of you may know from following the tweets, my son (with the help of his mother) has called several times while away.  And it brings up an interesting topic—the conversations of two-year-olds.  It’s a curious time during which a child knows what they want to say, but aren’t necessarily capable of saying it.  Thus the general fits and temper tantrums that have contributed to the phrasing of “the terrible two’s”. 

Doctors (such as my son’s pediatrician) say that at the age of two, children should have a vocabulary of at least fifty words.  Some books and sites even suggest one-hundred.  When you think about it, that’s a lot of words.  But where do they all come from?  Sure, many come from interactions with parents, family, and friends.   My son learned the French words for Grandma and Grandpa from my parents who wanted to be called by them (Memere’ for Grandma, Pepere’ for Grandpa).  He also calls my girlfriend Pepere’; mainly because she laughed one day when he called her, and everything else, Pepere’—so it stuck.

But what’s most fascinating is how phrases like “I want”, “mine”, and “my turn” quickly accompanied “no” in his daily usage.  These weren’t things we said.  And so it stands to reason that these came from elsewhere.   A quick and easy culprit was television.  Although not on often at our home, we had to make sure that we screened what was on and mainly watched DVD’s of known content.  Our home wasn’t alone.  We also collaborated with his mom, who noticed him parroting things directly from the T.V. and so started a similar effort.  Another large contributor was from his observation of the interactions with other children and families.  You could see him absorb it like a sponge and look on with keen intrigue.  And so now begins a difficult task of not only filtering what he hears and says, but swaying his actions from the negative interactions he observes—I’m excited…  can you hear the sarcasm in those words?  As my Mom and Dad would say, “Welcome to parenting…”

Two: Grown Up
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Iain's crib converted to a toddler day-bed

Iain's crib converted to a toddler day-bed

My son is two, and he is too grown up. A statement you’d probably hear from most parents. We want to deny that they’re no longer babies and refuse to believe that they’re getting older. And although its true that overnight he seems to grow by leaps and bounds—shedding his clothes and becoming too big for his diapers—there are always milestones that seem to make this point all the more clear. Whether it be the first time he peed on me while I changed him, or the first time he peed on the toilet (trying to pee in it), or the first time he pulled off his diaper and pooped everywhere. Sure, there is also the first step or word, but as amazing as they are, I believe they’re over-anticipated.  It’s the smaller things that tend to take us by surprise (plus everyone loves bathroom humor).

Today is another milestone. And although it may not be as big as walking, and even though there was no peeing or pooping involved (yet), this is another reminder that my son is growing up—and way too fast. Today I took apart the crib and made it into a toddler day-bed . . . *pause for a moment of silence*  It seems like only yesterday he was barely learning to crawl. And now he’s two, and too grown up.

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