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Rising Up
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It finally happened. Weeks of waiting; on edge with suspense; practically biting my nails (if I had any to bite); my unwavering gazes towards my daughter expectantly… she crawled.   And I missed it!   Twice!   Perhaps “unwavering” was a little inaccurate, although I did look away for only a moment each time.

I do, however, have eye-witnesses who can attest to each occurrence: 1) my wife and son, 2) my wife and mother.   With each occurrence my wife called for my attention only for me to turn and find my daughter on her belly.

We knew it was coming and had been waiting for some time.   Her flailing arms became more coordinated.   Random swats turned into purposeful grabs.   Rolling over was now intentional and she could sit-up for periods unassisted before falling over.   Then the sitting-up turned into targeted falling on her hands and knees for a shaky moment before collapsing to her tummy.

Then, a few weeks ago, my four-year-old son—eager to teach his baby sister—began demonstrating various ways of crawling and scooting on his hands and knees.   It was as if he threw down the gauntlet.   Our daughter, the sponge, watched awe-struck and soaked in his every movement.   The next two weeks were like watching an infant version of Rocky.   She seemingly dedicated herself to a strict exercise regime:

    Maia on couch

  • Pushups – rolling over was for newborns, this infant would push up her whole body for multiple reps, resting only briefly in-between.
  • Lunges – once her push-ups became like second nature, she would follow-up with pulling her knees under as if to crawl, rock to and fro, and then lunge her whole body forward, reaching for her target.
  • Army crawl – with her lunge and reaching mastered, she worked on technique, pulling and shuffling across the floor in an army crawl.

Leading into this past weekend, her routine consisted of all the above maneuvers.   We were on pins and needles each time she pushed up into a crawl position.   One little hand and knee would shift forward.   And as we’d anticipate the same movement from her other side, she’d collapse taking with her our hopes of a first official crawl.   That is, until Saturday; and then again Monday; when I missed it each time.   Ah, but patience has its virtues.   And the silver-lining to this story is that my accomplished daughter has now demonstrated her skill for daddy this morning.   Thank you Maia!

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Two: Grown Up
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Iain's crib converted to a toddler day-bed

Iain's crib converted to a toddler day-bed

My son is two, and he is too grown up. A statement you’d probably hear from most parents. We want to deny that they’re no longer babies and refuse to believe that they’re getting older. And although its true that overnight he seems to grow by leaps and bounds—shedding his clothes and becoming too big for his diapers—there are always milestones that seem to make this point all the more clear. Whether it be the first time he peed on me while I changed him, or the first time he peed on the toilet (trying to pee in it), or the first time he pulled off his diaper and pooped everywhere. Sure, there is also the first step or word, but as amazing as they are, I believe they’re over-anticipated.  It’s the smaller things that tend to take us by surprise (plus everyone loves bathroom humor).

Today is another milestone. And although it may not be as big as walking, and even though there was no peeing or pooping involved (yet), this is another reminder that my son is growing up—and way too fast. Today I took apart the crib and made it into a toddler day-bed . . . *pause for a moment of silence*  It seems like only yesterday he was barely learning to crawl. And now he’s two, and too grown up.

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